Ep. 15 Apologize & Survive

This week’s episode I speak with Dr. Ashley Elliott of Vivid Innovations. We talk about how Counseling effected us, personal mental illness, surviving adversity, and the importance of self-care.

Where you can find Dr. Ashley:
email: vividinnovators@gmail.com
IG: drvivid and Facebook-vividinnovators

Dr. Ashley Elliott is a native Washingtonian and considers herself to
be a positive product of her urban environment. First hand family
exposure to the impact that substance abuse, mental illness,
interpersonal violence, and sexual trauma can have on an individual, family, and community,
made Dr. Elliott passionate about empowering others and working to change lives. From a
young age she was intent on pursuing a career that would strengthen her community and
enlighten the under served and often overlooked.
While receiving her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she started Vivid Innovations
Consulting, LLC. Vivid Innovations is a one-woman business that offers mental health
consultation, lifestyle consultation, psychological assessment, and seminar/lecture
opportunities to schools and businesses. She also operates as a motivational speaker,
working to empower visions and promote positive well-being. Her clinical interests include
community mental health, client psycho-education/health education, substance abuse
treatment, group therapy, severe mental illness, & the integration of non-traditional & artistic
expression in therapy.
Dr. Elliott has worked with children, adults, and adolescents from various multicultural
backgrounds. She also clinical experience in inpatient mental health, community mental
health, and school settings in the DC Metropolitan Area. In 2015, Dr. Elliott launched
Innovator Academy and Vivid Kids. These are youth programs offered free of charge to the
youth in the Washington DC area. Innovator Academy (Youth ages 12-17) and Vivid Kids
(3-11) focus on college/career preparation, building a positive self-image/identity,
developing emotional awareness and creating a positive space to celebrate creativity and
individual differences.

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