Ep. 31 The Truth About Psychotropic Meds

This week’s episode I speak with my guest therapist Napatia T. Gettings, MD, FAACAP about The Truth about Psychotropic Medications and how we view them especially in the communities of color.

Napatia T. Gettings, M.D. FAACAP has a wide array of clinical and leadership experience that has solidified her expertise in the field of Psychiatry. She readily proclaims that we are all a product of our collective experiences, biological predispositions and nurturing process. Dr. Gettings’ practice within the field of psychiatry includes advocacy, legislative policy, mental health awareness and patient education. She is a married mother of four who currently practices in Orland Park, Illinois.

She is the President and Medical Director of The Full Circle Alliance Inc., a private mental health practice that opened its doors in 2014. She has written for both The Daily Southtown (formerly Southtown Star) [CC1] and Mind Matters, the Illinois Psychiatric Society’s monthly newsletter. Her clinical work has also been noted in a special report on Chicago gun violence featured in Ebony Magazine in August 2013. In May 2015, she was elected as the Secretary of the Illinois Psychiatric Society.

Where you can find Dr. Napatia T. Gettings:

Web: www.clarionconscience.com
Facebook: /NapatiaTGettingsMD
Instagram: @napatiat.gettingsmd
Twitter: @NapatiaGettings

Resources and Books Mentioned: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome-Dr. Joy DeGruy

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