Ep. 34 Why You Angry?

This week’s episode I speak with my guest therapist Sharon J. Lawrence, LCSW-C, LCSW, ACSW, EAS-C, CAMS-II, DCC of Selah Wellness & Therapeutic Services, LLC about how to deal with Anger, anger management, and the importance of self. You will learn what is anger and how to cope with it.

Sharon J. Lawrence is the Owner/Primary Clinician of Selah Wellness & Therapeutic Services, LLC located in Largo, Maryland. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Anger Management Specialists-II, Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator and Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC), an Approved Clinical Supervisor in Social Work (MD) and is credentialed as an Employee Assistance Specialist-Clinician. She has over 15 years experience working with children, adults, couples and families within the following settings: mental health, substance abuse, foster care, family court, and developmental disabilities.

Ms. Lawrence is a Therapist for Therapists, Professionals and Couples. Her passion is to help improve the lives of clinicians and professionals who manage the day to day responsibility of caring for others. As part of her direct practice, she also runs a court approved Anger Management Program for Adults which focuses on teaching participants how to manage their emotions and live a more productive life.

Where you can find Sharon Lawrence:

Web: http://www.myselahwellness.com/

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