EP. 35 Traumatic Brain Injury

This week’s episode I speak with my guest therapist Angela Scott Mason, PSYD, LPC about Traumatic Brain Injury. You will learn what is TBI, how you can get a TBI and how to cope with it.

Angela Scott-Mason, is a native of Mississippi and has Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD). She has worked in the mental health field for approximately 15 years. Angela’s early career consisted of working as a milieu therapist in a long-term residential clinic for children with a history of neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and abandonment. In addition to offering therapeutic services to children and adults, She also have extensive experience administering and interpreting psychological and neuropsychological tests.

Angela has worked with various populations including people with visual impairments, learning disabilities, neurodegenerative diseases (i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In 2016, She began to establish a program that would provide psychological and cognitive rehabilitation, as well as psycho-education for people with mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries. Angela is passionate about encouraging her patients, promoting spiritual and personal growth, as well as helping them redefine their self-worth.

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