Ep. 38. Hip Hop & Mental Health

This week’s episode I speak with my guest therapist Robert Fields about how hip hop and therapy can led to mental healing. You will hear how you can intertwine hip hop and mental health, mental health and incarceration, and the importance of mental health awareness/education within the community.

Robert Fields, M.A. is a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) based in Durham, NC, and has been providing psychological services for 15 years. Rob has worked with a variety of clients including veterans, adjudicated youth in the juvenile justice system, and individuals with developmental disabilities. Currently, Rob works with incarcerated men within the prison system. Also, he works at a private agency providing services to families, teens, emerging adults, and men.

Rob is known for incorporating hip hop in treatment and in mental health education. He uses social media to pair mental health information with hip hop culture. He also knows firsthand the challenges of dealing with depression and is passionate about working with males around mental health concerns. Rob works to educate and to help reduce the stigma by making the topic of mental health more relatable, useful, and transparent.

In addition to his clinical practice, Rob is very active in his community. He is the Director of Community Outreach for Black Jedi Zulu, a hip hop oriented community service organization founded by Grammy Award-winning producer 9th Wonder in Raleigh, NC. Furthermore, he regularly volunteers with various causes in the community. Finally, Rob mentors students in the mental health field and early-career clinicians.

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