Ep. Ep. 41. Depression & Suicide Shedding Light in the Darkness

Talking Off The Couch podcast focuses on mental health and mental wellness within the community of color. Tatiana Smith who is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas decided that it is time to shed light and break stigmas about mental health/wellness in the communities of color. This podcast is a voice for the mental health community as well as the average person. Talking Off The Couch will make you feel Ok about not being Ok.

This week’s episode I speak with my guest Mental Health Advocate T-Kea Blackman. T-Kea shares her story about suicide, depression diagnosis, hospitalization, and why she wants to be a voice for mental health. We also speak on the church and lack of support. T-Kea wants to educate and help bridge the gap of mental health.

T-Kea Blackman is a mental health advocate, speaker and writer who lives by the Toni Payne quote, “I rather be living my truth happily than living a lie miserably.” She is the creator and host of the Fireflies Unite Podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing light into darkness (just like the fireflies) by sharing the stories of individuals thriving with mental illness within communities of color despite the disadvantages and racism that negatively impact their mental health. T-Kea’s articles have been published on The Mighty, Urban Faith, Blavity, and 21 Ninety. Making a digital footprint, her articles have garnered over 50,000 views and encouraged individuals to seek treatment.

To follow T-Kea’s journey and listen to her podcast, visit www.firefliesunite.com and connect with her @firefliespod on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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